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Don’t let an outdated switchboard or fuse box put your property at risk. Our Wollongong electricians will promptly upgrade your system to maximise efficiency and minimise the risk of fire and electrocution. We bring more than 40 years of industry experience to the jobs we undertake, and our team will make sure your new switchboard is set up to optimally accommodate your unique property requirements.

Outdated switchboards are susceptible to a wide array of issues. These include:

At ANE Electrical Solutions, we will ensure that your new switchboard is set up to keep these issues at bay, while directing power adequately throughout your property. We are equipped to take on commercial as well as residential jobs, and we only install products from the most reputable brands.

Residential Switchboard Safety Switches

Whether you own a property or rent it, it’s crucial to ensure that safety switches are properly installed on all circuits.

Failing to do so puts you, your family or employees at risk. At ANE Electrical Solutions, our Wollongong electricians will install safety switches throughout your property. We promise to deliver an outstanding service at a highly competitive rate.

A few factors may cause problems with your safety switches. These include:

Our expert team will promptly identify faulty safety switches and ensure they are replaced.

To organise a service with our electricians in Wollongong, or request a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Signs you need a switchboard upgrade

You should never take risks with electrical safety. There are a few key signs that mean you need a switchboard upgrade:

Ceramic fuses

If you have ceramic fuses, be aware that this outdated technology only provides limited protection. They can’t protect you from electric shocks so you should get an upgrade if your switchboard has these fuses.

Appliances tripping the circuit

Older switchboards are inefficient and can be overloaded by modern appliances. This can be an electrical fire risk. An upgraded switchboard can resolve this.

An overcrowded switchboard

Overloading an electrical circuit can be dangerous. If your switchboard is already overcrowded you cannot add any extra circuits. If your home needs a bigger switchboard you should get an upgrade.

A burning smell

If a burning smell is coming from your switchboard it’s a sign that your circuit is overloaded or there are faults with the wiring. In this instance, you need a switchboard upgrade as soon as possible.


Any kind of sparking is a major concern and indicates that there is something wrong with your switchboard. You’re likely to need an upgrade so this should be looked at by a professional immediately.

Why do I need to replace the ceramic fuses?

Ceramic fuses are an old technology that provides less protection against hazards than more modern fuses. Some older switchboards are equipped with these fuses, meaning they need to be upgraded to improve safety. Whilst ceramic fuses do provide protection against overloading and short-circuiting, they cannot protect you against electric shocks. Added to that, ceramic fuses have generally been in place for a long period of time. This means that they pose a greater risk of an electrical fire or fault.

What’s involved in a switchboard upgrade?

Switchboard upgrades are different in every home. Upgrades typically involve replacing ceramic fuses for modern circuit breakers and RCDs. We’re also tidy and re-wire the cables behind the panel, and test everything. Depending on your requirements, your upgrade might also include installing smart meters, adding new service fuses, and upgrading your mains cables.

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If you think you need a switchboard upgrade, ANE Electrical Solutions provide high-quality electrical services in Wollongong. To discuss your concerns or request a quote for a switchboard upgrade please contact us.


An old or malfunctioning switchboard can pose a real safety risk. Keeping an old switchboard in place poses a number of risks, including electric shocks and electrical fires. If you have an older switchboard, upgrading it is essential to keep your home and family safe.

Your electrical switchboard distributes electricity from a source throughout your home. It’s the main electrical panel at home where you can access the central controls for your electricity supply. A modern electrical switchboard also has circuit breakers that can help to prevent electrical safety hazards. Your electrical switchboard should distribute electricity reliably, as well as keeping you protected.