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Security & Alarm Installation Experts in Wollongong & the South Coast

At ANE Electrical Solutions, we are committed to helping you keep your home or business as secure as possible. 

Our Wollongong alarm installation professionals offer a wide array of products, tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. Both burglar and smoke alarms are available, and we only install products from the most reputable brands. CCTV cameras and emergency lights are also available.

Don’t let an outdated security system put your property at risk. Ensure you gain maximum coverage and protection with ANE Electrical Solutions. 

Our local electricians in Wollongong provide solid alarm systems that will alert you directly when an intruder or fire is suspected.

Invest in security technology

As technology advances at a lightning pace, security systems are developing incredible new features. At ANE Electrical Solutions, we advise our customers to invest in security technology so that they can reap the benefits of the latest innovations.

One of the biggest advancements in security technology is the ability to interact with your system in real-time via your smartphone. From keeping tabs on CCTV feeds to receiving updates if a system detects smoke, consumers now have more control than ever in terms of securing their property.

We can also connect your security system to your smartphone, so you can be alerted immediately of potential issues wherever you may be.

When you choose ANE Electrical Solutions, you can rest easy knowing your home has been afforded the best possible security. If your existing alarm system requires maintenance, give us a call! 

Our Wollongong electrical maintenance professionals service the entire South Coast region – including Campbelltown and Shoalhaven.

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We Supply & Install Hikvision Alarm Systems

Keeping your home or commercial property safe is a key priority. As specialist electricians on the South Coast, ANE Electrical Solutions is committed to helping you enhance the security of your property for your peace of mind. 

We install Hikvision systems which are some of the leading technologies within the security sector, providing excellent protection with high reliability standards to make you safer.

Our range of products for installation includes anything from comprehensive security systems to emergency alarms and advanced security radar. Ensuring you have every protection necessary will help you feel safe in your own home or improves your business’s security. 

By using Hikvision systems, we deliver on our promise to enhance your protection. 

Our range includes:

Hikvision Intrusion Alarm Panels

Intrusion alarm panels provide a flexible option for households needing top-tier intruder products to suit their particular protection needs. 

We offer wired and wireless alarm systems to provide flexibility in installation and design. 

These products cover everything from technology suited to apartments and smaller homes to systems developed for use in offices and small businesses.

Based on the specifications of your home or business, we can work with you to decide which alarm panel is the ideal fit. 

From there, we can advise on the different alarm accessories and peripherals available to provide you peace of mind.

Hikvision Intrusion Detectors

Intrusion detectors keep your home safe with discrete, understated designs that are easy and practical to install while providing extremely reliable protection. 

The quick set-up means your system can be up and running in a single day, with the use of smart sensors allowing for the fast identification of intruders at your property. Both wireless and wired detectors are available to suit your needs.

The smart features in Hikvision detectors make them a superior option to other products. 

For example, digital temperature compensation ensures there is no external interference to your protection. 

Animal-immune detection prevents dogs, cats and wildlife from setting off your alarm system for smart safety.

Emergency Alarms

Emergency alarms deliver a quick response if your protection is breached, allowing for a swift response from emergency services and deterrence against potential intruders. 

This technology is used in many security alarm systems in Wollongong, helping to provide a safer community around your business or home. Box and pole-mounted options offer a versatile choice to suit your requirements.

Emergency alarms feature innovative technology with audio intercoms, video linkage and broadcast depending on your requirements. 

The inclusion of a simple SOS button makes it easy to call for help. These systems offer optimal protection for larger businesses, particularly in urban areas.

Security Radar

Hikvision’s solution for security radar features cutting-edge technology for the swift detection of intruders. 

With pinpoint accuracy, this system can pinpoint and track up to 32 potential intruders at once, regardless of weather and climate. 

For larger facilities, a security radar is an ideal solution to maintain high security standards.

With accurate detection over a wide area, excellent reliability, and resistance to damage, a security radar is a perfect addition to a pre-existing system. 

With the option to link with a PTZ camera and flexible installation, this security solution is the superior choice for warehouses, industrial complexes and airports.

Benefits of Security & Alarm Systems in Wollongong

It’s absolutely crucial that your home or business be fitted with multiple security systems. Here are some of the reasons why:

For more information about our security & alarm systems, get in touch with us today. Free quotes are available.

Commercial alarm and security systems

Our services at ANE Electrical Solutions cover all areas of your commercial alarm and security systems in Wollongong & surrounds. From installations to maintenance, our engineers will work closely with you to keep your premises safe and secure.

We will help you stay up to date with the latest health and safety regulations to keep your workplace fully compliant. Your staff will also be afforded maximum protection while on-site thanks to our real-time alarm systems.

Should anything go wrong with the system, our team of specialists will strive to make necessary repairs as quickly as possible. This ensures that your property will be fully secure and operational in no time at all.

Top reasons to install a security system at your business

Top reasons to install a security system at your home

Why do you need a security system?

Deter potential intruders

More often than not, the visual presence of a security system is often enough to keep intruders away from your property. If they do try to gain entry, your system will alert you in real-time.

Smoke detection

Many of our security systems include a smoke detection feature to alert you to any fires or smoke on the property.

Offers 24/7 surveillance

If something illegal, such as a burglary, is committed on your property, then a security system with cameras will have hard evidence of the incident. This can be used as evidence in court and can help solve crimes.

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Frequently asked questions

To protect your property from intrusion and to provide real-time access to your premises when you are not there.

Yes, all of our systems have a backup power supply in the event of a power outage.

Usually, yes. Most insurers offer discounts on your policy if you have a security system in your home. This does vary from company to company, however.